Turkey Toss 2020

Turkey Toss 2020

This year’s Turkey Toss will take place on Friday, December 18th from 7:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. in Lot 5A located at the corner of 21st Ave. S and Terrace Pl. across from the Baker Building and beside the University Counseling Center.

Turkey Toss will be in a drive through format this year. Participants will be asked to remain in their cars while they enter the lot from 21st Ave. S. You will be instructed to unlock your trunk, passenger side, or back door. Volunteers will scan your Vanderbilt ID, take your request for a turkey or Tofurky, and then place your item in your car. Once your item is securely in your car, you will exit the parking lot onto Terrace Pl.

Please note that you must have your Vanderbilt ID to pick up an item. If you would like to pick up multiple items for friends, neighbors, or colleagues, you will need a Vanderbilt ID per turkey or Tofurky that you would like to pick up at Turkey Toss.

For those who take public transportation, walk, or bike to work, we will have a pedestrian line in the same location that will allow you to safely pick up your item. The line will be appropriately distanced. You will present your ID card to be scanned, make your request, and your item will be placed on a table to provide a contactless transfer between you and our volunteers.

We will not have additional giveaway items this year. Only turkeys and Tofurkys will be available at Turkey Toss.

Our goal is to have a safe event and we ask that all participants adhere to COVID-19 guidelines including wearing a mask while participating in Turkey Toss.

If you will not pick up an item this year, please know that all remaining turkeys and Tofurkys are donated to Second Harvest Food Bank.