Vanderbilt Purchasing Card

Vanderbilt Purchasing Card

Hello Student Organization Leaders! -

Failure to abide by University P-Card Policies will result in the loss of P-Card privileges.

1. P-Cards are designated solely for purchases related to your student organization. NO personal purchases are allowed.

2. For every purchase made, the ORIGINAL itemized receipt must be returned to the OACS Card-Holder immediately when you return the P-Card.

3. Only the individual who checks out the P-Card has authority to make purchases with it. You are not allowed to pass the card from one individual to another for multiple purchases or from one organization to another.

4. Each OACS advisor has possession of a P-Card designated for student organization use. Make plans in advance to ensure you have reserved a card with enough time prior to your event in case there is a waiting list for a P-Card.

5. All P-Cards must be picked up during OACS Business Hours (Monday - Friday 9am-5pm) at a scheduled time with your advisor. If you request a card for a Saturday, you must pick it up Friday before 5pm.

If you have any questions about using the P-Card, contact your advisor for more information.
OACS Staff