VSA Proctor Application for Employment

VSA Proctor Application for Employment

Job Description & Qualifications: VSA is an accelerated academic program designed specifically for academically gifted middle and high school students. Residential proctors for Vanderbilt Summer Academy (VSA) serve as counselors or residential advisors for students participating in the summer programs. Proctors serve as mentors and guardians to a small group of 12-16 students. Proctors supervise students outside of class and lead a variety of recreational, social and other extracurricular activities. The ideal candidate will be exceptionally mature, have experience working with teenagers and be flexible and fair-minded. Applicant must be in good standing with the University in order to be considered for employment. Proctors also take a role in the overall operations of Vanderbilt Summer Academy, including but not limited to:

Supervising a proctor group of 12-16 students and ensuring their well-being; assisting with Check-in/Check-out including transport to/from airport; supervising/conversing with students during meal times; maintaining a safe, cordial, and supportive residential environment for students; planning and coordinating age-appropriate recreational activities for VSA students; and assisting with other administrative duties as assigned.

2016 - 2017 VSA Proctor Application Due Date: February 1, 2017

2017 VSA Dates of Employment: June 1 - July 30, 2017. VSA Proctors must be available for the entire duration of the summer academy and may not hold any other jobs during employment with VSA.

For more information about our programs and position details, visit the Vanderbilt Programs for Talented Youth website at www.pty.vanderbilt.edu. Thanks for your interest!