I-9 Request Form

I-9 Request Form

Please read all the information below before submitting this form.

This request form is not section 1 of federal form I-9. This form is a request to have section 1 initiated.

Per Federal regulation, section 1 must be completed by your first day of employment for pay. You will receive a link via email to complete section 1 online, from our vendor, EMPTrust.

Section 2 must be completed no later than your third day of employment for pay. Please confirm your start date with your manager or department HCM before you submit this form. If you believe your start date is more than 3 days in the past, please stop and speak with your department representative who can reach out to our office.

Due to COVID-19, Vanderbilt Human Resources is operating remotely. Section 2 of the I-9 form must be completed using a remote agent of your choosing, this can be a family member, friend, roommate, etc. Please indicate below the name and email address of a person that you trust and would like to complete section 2 of the I-9 for you. Section 2 will be completed online through our vendor EMPTrust.

Please note: The person you select must be physically present with you when completing section 2, please choose someone that you can present your document(s) to in person.

You will receive instructions from EMPTrust within two (2) business days from submission of this form on how to complete section 1. Once we receive notification that section 1 is complete, we will then initiate section 2 with your selected verifier. Both you and your verifier will receive an email with instructions on how to complete section 2. If you have questions about completing section 2, please email us at I9@vanderbilt.edu.